Friday, April 23, 2010

Ps3 Xbox Thumbstick switch

Is it just me who is not comfortable with the ps3 controller?
I have been playing Playstation since 1996 and yet after 14 years of Sony I believe that the Xbox 360 has a better controller, mainly because it has better Thumbsticks but also because it has better triggers.

I have made a little mini guide to how to switch theThumbsticks with sticks from the (old) Xbox, these sticks look identical externally with those of the Xbox 360 and have the same feeling as those from 360.

PS! I don't know whether you can use sticks from the Xbox 360, they may have other mounts.

You need one of this:

And one of that:

Split your Xbox controller:

You pull the sticks right off.

So over to the PS3 controller:

When you proceed watch closely how things are placed, notably how the springs on the L2 and R2 buttons is placed to make things easier to get back together, there are a lot more junk in a Ps3 control versus a Xbox control.

Disassemble Ps3 controller, note that the PCB is fastened with a screw.
Flip up the PCB vertically, you do not have to remove the vibration motors or the battery but it is easier to handle if you disconnect the battery.

Pull the sticks out.

The pins that the sticks are sitting on is a little too long for the Xbox sticks,
If you put the sticks on now and mount the controller together, you will see that the dome part will touch the casing with the result of "sticky" sticks that will not center.

Do the following: file the pin down so that you take off about 0.5 mm.

This picture was taken before the filing: (forgot to take picture after filing, but take off about 0.5mm and it will be good)

Put on the sticks from the Xbox (which fits perfectly onto the pins) and start putting together the controller again.

Before you put on the PCB pay special attention to the plastic-foil-connector thingy that will press against the card (see picture below).
Put the plastic foil connector down on the white plastic pins so that when you put the card on top it will make contact with it.

When you put on the back cover, make sure that the springs on the trigger is the same way they were when you took the controller apart, do not expect to get it right the first time :)

And voila!

If something's unclear, feel free to ask.


  1. You could have just bought these:

    nice work nonetheless :)

  2. thanks for commenting.

    the main reason i did the mod is because it's fun.

    the product you mention may be just as good, i dont really have any experience with it :)

  3. Esto es genial! Me dieron un código de oro de Xbox Live de forma gratuita! Si usted necesita una verificación de código fuera